As you push your shopping cart up and down the aisles of a grocery store, you might find yourself almost inexplicably drawn to certain brands. This brand of chicken soup tastes better to you. You prefer this brand of toilet paper…

The stock has dropped from highs of $13 but its pricing remains hinged significantly on the potential growth in the company, while ignoring risks inherent in both Canopy and the industry at large.

warmer temperatures are on the way — and so are changes to Canada’s recreational cannabis laws. Bill C-45. This means that cannabis producers, retailers, and consumers all across Canada are in for an especially interesting summer.

How do you keep track of your stock and what should investors be aware of when they go through the company’s latest announcements, and–more precisely–what kind of metrics can investors look to for the growth of their picks in the cannabis space are some questions that are commonly asked.

Last week the government of Ontario announced the model it intends to follow for the recreational sale of cannabis once legalization arrives next year. Now two of the biggest cannabis licensed producers (LPs) in Canada have shared their responses to this system and what comes next.

The Canadian Securities Exchange launched a new index meant to account for the largest companies on the exchange, some of the top weighing companies in the index operate in the cannabis business.


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